IT Strategy & Assessment

Are you spending too much on Information Technology (IT)? Do you have the right IT staffing mix to support your organization’s technology? Digital Computing Solutions has been assisting organizations large and small in making the most of their IT dollars and providing safe, secure new technology implementation.

Transforming IT’s role in your organization

Technology provides the greatest value to the organization when the IT strategy is in alignment with the goals of the business. Your business just runs slower without the proper alignment: systems seem to be down too often . . . procedures are undefined, too complex, or not well organized . . . and your IT staff seems to be buried in problems and unavailable to help clients. All of this can lead you to feel that you’re not getting enough for the dollars that are being invested in IT. Let Digital Computing Solutions put your organization back on track.

Digital Computing Solutions’ approach

Digital Computing Solutions has developed a proven, four-phase methodology to IT Strategy and Assessments that is completely customizable for each client:


Digital Computing Solutions identifies and gathers critical information regarding your current environment and business goals. This includes both tangible and intangible information in the form of inventories, documentation, and interviews.


We then analyze the information gathered during the discovery process and, as necessary, solidify the findings and concerns with your personnel. Once gaps or insufficiencies are identified, we leverage our vast experience, Best Practices, and knowledge-base to bridge those gaps with cost-effective strategies.


Combining our experience with our joint findings and assessments, Digital Computing Solutions presents a series of recommendations and implementation strategies to you for review. These include specific solutions, technologies, and processes that permit you to exceed your goals.

Implementation Planning

Digital Computing Solutions then works with you to create a detailed implementation plan to get your organization back on track quickly. Our final deliverable to you is a comprehensive recipe that documents our findings, recommendations, tasks, timetables, implementation priorities, and estimated costs for products and services.

Benefits of Digital Computing Solutions’ IT Strategy and Assessment

  • Avoid spending unnecessary IT dollars on the wrong solution

  • Understand the hurdles before implementing any new technology

  • Develop consensus within the organization on a specific IT direction

  • Align IT strategy with business goals and direction

  • Leverage IT to drive innovation and revenue growth

  • Identify operational changes that can help reduce costs

  • Improve the effectiveness of IT service delivery

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